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AMP Research PowerStep Running Boards Main Image
AMP Research PowerStep
From:  $1,799.99
AMP Research PowerStep XL Running Boards Main
AMP Research PowerStep XL
From:  $2,299.99
AMP Research PowerStep Xtreme Running Boards Main Image
AMP Research PowerStep Xtreme Running Boards
From:  $2,199.99
Havoc HS2 Black Hoop Steps
From:  $504.99
N-Fab Nerf Step RS 01
N-Fab Nerf Step RS
From:  $399.99
N-Fab Black EpYx Steps
From:  $479.99
N-Fab Black Wheel to Wheel Nerf Bars
N-Fab Black Wheel To Wheel Nerf Bars
From:  $449.99
N-Fab Textured Black Cab Length Podium Steps
From:  $549.99
N-Fab Predator Pro Nerf Step
From:  $629.99
Havoc Offroad TrailCrawler Steps Main Image
Havoc Offroad TrailCrawler Steps
From:  $479.99
N-Fab RKR Step Systems Main Image
N-Fab RKR Step System
From:  $449.99
N-Fab ROAN Running Boards Main Image
N-Fab ROAN Running Boards
From:  $699.99
N-Fab TrailSlider Step System 01
N-Fab TrailSlider Step System
From:  $699.99
Havoc Offroad HN2 Nerf Bars HFB-06-003 Main
Havoc Offroad HN2 Nerf Bars
From:  $429.99
10% OFF
Go Rhino Dominator D6 Running Boards
From:  $514.94$572.16
Amp Researc Replacement Crh Motor Cover 01
AMP Research Replacement CRH Motor Cover
From:  $4.99
Amp Research Replacement Obd Ii Module 01
AMP Research Replacement OBD-II Module
From:  $59.99
AMP Research Replacement PowerStep Step Assembly 01
AMP Research Replacement PowerStep Step Assembly
From:  $79.99
AMP Research Replacement PowerStep Controller 01
AMP Research Replacement PowerStep Controller
From:  $99.99
Amp Research Replacement Door Status Module 01
AMP Research Replacement Door Status Module
From:  $119.99
AMP Research Replacement PowerStep Wire Harness 01
AMP Research Replacement PowerStep Wire Harness
From:  $139.99
Amp Researc Replacement Powerstep Motor 01
AMP Research Replacement PowerStep Motor
From:  $149.99
Go Rhino 4" 1000 Series Black Nerf Bars Main
10% OFF
Go Rhino 4" 1000 Series Black Nerf Bars
From:  $246.20$273.56
10% OFF
Go Rhino 4" O.E. Xtreme Black Side Bars
From:  $291.17$323.53
Go Rhino 4" 1000 Series Polished Nerf Bars Main Image
10% OFF
Go Rhino 4" 1000 Series Polished Nerf Bars
From:  $342.56$380.63
10% OFF
Go Rhino 5" 1000 Series Black Nerf Bars
From:  $353.27$392.53
10% OFF
Go Rhino 4" O.E. Xtreme Polished Side Bars
From:  $382.18$424.65
10% OFF
Go Rhino RB10 Slim Running Boards
From:  $400.86$445.41
Go Rhino RB20 Slim Running Boards Protective Bedliner Coating
10% OFF
Go Rhino RB20 Slim Running Boards
From:  $400.86$445.41
Go Rhino Rb30 Slim Running Boards 68Inpc Main
10% OFF
Go Rhino RB30 Slim Running Boards
From:  $400.86$445.41

Whether you’re piloting a stock-height, leveled, or significantly lifted truck, Jeep, or SUV, nerf bars and running boards are a worthwhile investment. These products provide your vehicle with a low, wide, non-slip foothold to make climbing in and out of the cabin a breeze. Nerf bars and running boards also offer several other benefits, like improving styling, guarding the rocker panels against rock chips and mild impacts, and even easing entry into the bed!

At RealTruck, we carry several styles, fitments, and finishes of vehicle steps, ensuring a product that best suits your needs and aesthetic preferences. Unsure which product is right for you? Don’t hesitate to contact our qualified sales staff or check out our related articles on RealSource, your source for everything truck, Jeep, SUV, and more!

Which Truck Steps Are Right for You?

At RealTruck, we offer several styles of truck steps, ranging from function-forward running boards to rocker-guarding nerf bars. But which is right for you? Let’s find out!

Running Boards

  • Flat, cab-length design

  • Function-forward approach

  • Extra-wide 4–7-inch stepping surface

  • Wide variety of material constructions (carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum)


  • Unobtrusive design hides behind rocker panels when not in use

  • Automatically extends when doors open

  • Offers a lower drop than most fixed-position running boards

  • Lightweight and dependable aluminum construction

Nerf Bars

  • Tubular alloy construction; typically features textured ABS composite step pads

  • Manufactured from durable alloy (carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum)

  • Various finishes available (polished, black powder coat, black paint, chrome-plated)

  • Styling ranges from OE-inspired single-tube steps to off-road-inspired multi-tube drop steps

Rock Sliders

  • Tucked tightly against the body

  • Protection-forward approach

  • Guards your vehicle’s rocker panels against moderate impacts and abrasions

  • Ideal for trail and off-road use

Hoop Steps

  • Simple U-Shaped design

  • All-alloy construction

  • May feature a universal or vehicle-specific design

  • May or may not feature a structural tube running the length of the cab

Truck Steps

  • Low-profile design

  • Cab length or single-step options

  • Allows access to the cab, truck bed, or van rear

  • Wide variety of material constructions (carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum)

Wheel to Wheel

  • Stretches from just behind your vehicle’s front tire to just before the rear tire

  • Provides access to your pickup’s cab and bed

  • Ideal for work trucks and those that regularly transport tools and gear near the bulkhead/in a toolbox

  • Offered in running board, nerf bar, or hoop step styles

Bed Steps

  • Improves access to your pickup’s bed

  • Compact, single-step design

  • Available in fixed-position or retractable styles

  • Offered in bumper-mount and bedside-mount locations

Running Boards

Exceptional Accessibility & Styling | Starting at $166.14

If easing entry into your vehicle's cab is your main concern, you can’t beat the functionality and customizable styling provided by running boards! Running boards feature an extra-wide, low-hanging, cab-length design that provides maximum traction, preventing slipping and sliding in even the wettest and iciest conditions. Most running boards are constructed from heavy-duty alloys, including carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, ensuring maximum strength and durability. 

Running boards typically feature a simple bolt-on installation with no drilling required; they’re available in fixed-position and power-retractable variants, ensuring a product that matches your preferred aesthetic.


Unobtrusive, Auto-Deploying Running Boards | Starting at $1,249.99

Do you love the functionality of running boards but can’t stand the aesthetic or negative impact on your ride’s ground clearance/breakover angle? Then ditch those old fixed-position steps for a set of high-quality electric running boards! Electric running boards feature an innovative design that automatically deploys when your vehicle’s doors are opened and retract beneath/behind the rocker panels with closed doors, retaining nearly all ground clearance. 

Regarding functionality, electric running boards feature a much lower drop than most fixed-position running boards; several manufacturers even offer additional extensions for 8–10 inch drops!

Nerf Bars

Sleek, Streamlined Tubular Steps | Starting at $117.62

Nerf bars are sleek, tubular side steps featuring either a single, low-hanging alloy tube with ABS composite step pads or a tightly-tucked primary tube with tubular drop steps. Nerf Bars are offered as streamlined, OE-inspired steps or rugged, off-road-inspired steps, depending on your preferred aesthetic, ensuring a product that suits every application! 

Nerf bars are manufactured from one of several rugged alloys, including carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum; they come in various finishes, including polished, chrome-plated, powder-coated, and painted!

Rock Sliders

Protection-Forward; Off-Road-Geared | Starting at $131.36

Whereas most steps are engineered for accessibility, rock sliders are all about protection! Whenever you take your truck, Jeep, or SUV to the trail, you risk damaging the body panels; as one of the lowest portions of the body, your vehicle’s rocker panels are also the most damage-prone. Sliders act as protective barriers between obstacles and your vehicle’s rockers, allowing them to slide across rocks, felled trees, and other trail hurdles without taking damage. 

Sliders are typically manufactured from round or square carbon steel tubing with a corrosion-resistant coating on top, ensuring maximum durability and rust prevention. While some sliders are simply for protection, others offer integrated steps to ease entry into the cab.

Hoop Steps

Simple, U-Shaped Steps | Starting at $46.43

If accessibility is your main concern, but you aren’t a fan of cab-length or wheel-to-wheel steps, consider the simple styling of U-Shaped hoop steps! Hoop steps are offered as cost-effective, stand-alone steps or come welded to a structural tube running the length of the cab, depending on your preferred style. In either case, hoop steps offer a significant drop from your vehicle’s rocker panels, making them ideal for lifted applications.

Truck Steps

Stylish & Functional | Starting at $36.99

If you’ve spent much time around lifted vehicles, you’ve likely thrown out your back or twisted an ankle climbing in or out of a lifted oversize-tire-equipped rig. Truck steps are engineered with one purpose in mind: improving accessibility for you and your passengers! These steps provide a wide, slip-resistant foothold, inches below your pickup, Jeep, or SUV’s rocker panels, bumpers, or other step locations, making climbing into the cab or bed a breeze! 

At RealTruck, we offer conventional cab steps, bed steps, and even door hinge steps for Jeeps! We have it all, from simple, single-door steps to cab-width side steps!


Extra-long side steps offering cab and bed access | Starting at $278.99

Wheel-to-wheel steps don’t so much describe a style as they do a fitment. Unlike conventional cab-length side steps, wheel-to-wheel variants stretch from just behind the front tires to just before the rear tires, which, on a pickup, includes a significant portion of the bed! 

Wheel-to-wheel steps include step surfaces at either bedside and the cab, easing entry into the hard-to-reach section of your pickup’s bed near the bulkhead.

These steps are ideal for work trucks, allowing easy access to toolboxes and every crevice of your pickup’s bed. If an item is still out of reach, you can swing a leg over the bedside and climb right in!

Truck Bed Steps

Fixed-position or retractable steps engineered for bed access | Starting at $77.19

Need a little extra boost into your pickup’s bed? Don’t pull out the stepping stool; install a premium bed step from RealTruck! These convenient steps mount at either your pickup’s rear bumper or between the cab and rear wheel, offering a low-hanging, non-slip foothold to hoist yourself into the bed with ease. These steps are ideal for trade workers that climb in and out of their pickup’s bed multiple times a day, easing the strain on their back and knees. 

Bed steps are available in fixed-position and retractable versions; finishes range from polished to satin black powder coat, ensuring a product that meets your needs and aesthetic preferences!