Ford Bronco Trim Packages Explained

Originally published on Oct 5, 2023 | Updated on Nov 2, 2023

In late 2020, Ford made an announcement that’d lead enthusiasts around the world to rejoice. Finally, after a 25-year hiatus, the Ford Bronco was set to make its return in the form of a modified, reclad T6 chassis–the same base as the current generation Ford Ranger. The compact, IFS-sprung platform had but one mission: to revitalize the discontinued chassis with modern tech, exceptional performance, and styling reminiscent of the model’s iconic first generation. 

Fast forward a few years, and the 6th generation Bronco has done considerably well, with several hundred thousand on the road. And though you’ve likely encountered several 2021+ Broncos in the wild, you may have noticed distinct visual differences in every example, aside from basic changes like body colors. Ford graced the 6th gen Bronco with several distinct sub-models and trim levels, ensuring a Bronco that’d meet nearly every consumer’s needs and expectations from an SUV. 

And just what are these trim levels? We’re here to share! In this guide, we’re outlining the various trim levels available on the 2021+ Ford Bronco, ranging from the low-tier Standard package to the well-spec’d Lux, as well as the off-road-centric WildTrak HOSS 3.0 and Sasquatch packages. Which is right for you? Let’s find out!

What Are Trim Packages?

Trim packages are essentially feature lists applied to a base Bronco; think of them as a build sheet, ranging from standard equipment to luxurious, technologically advanced, optional equipment. In the Bronco, these trim packages include: 

  • Standard Package

  • Mid Package

  • High-Lux Package

  • Sasquatch Package

  • Wildtrak HOSS 3.0 Suspension Package

The first three packages center around amenities/convenience features, adding creature comforts and technological upgrades like: 

  • Upgraded infotainment systems

  • Exterior cameras

  • Digital climate control

  • Heated seats

  • Voice recognition

  • Leather upholstery

The latter two packages are off-road centric, providing assorted features that significantly improve performance in the dirt. As one would expect, the more features a trim package adds, the more expensive your Bronco becomes. 

Now, trim packages aren’t to be mistaken for models, as the 2021+ Bronco comes in several sub-models that are entirely separate from trim packages. Trim packages can be added to a model for an additional price when special ordering, and not all models feature the same trim packages. For instance, a Big Bend Bronco can be equipped with either the Standard or Mid package.

Ford Bronco Trim Packages

Now that we understand what trim packages are, let’s dive into which packages are available for the 6th-generation Bronco and what options are included in each package! For the sake of this guide, we’re using information from the 2024 Bronco, though 2021–2024 utilizes essentially the same packages.

Standard Package

The Standard package is the lowest, feature-wise, in the 2024 Bronco lineup. This package includes all introductory equipment and comes standard on Big Bend, Black Diamond, and Badlands models–all of which are upgradeable to the Mid package. The Standard package includes: 

  • LED headlights

  • An 8-inch LCD touchscreen infotainment system

  • A Rearview camera with positioning guidelines

  • Wireless Apple Carplay & Android Auto

  • Rear fender flares

  • Fender tie-down hooks 

  • Manual A/C

  • Keyless entry 

  • Push-button ignition

Mid Package

Moving on, we have the mid-package. This mid-grade package offers several additional amenities compared to the standard package, ideal for daily driving and use in cold climates. This package is an incremental update that can be applied to any model that comes with the Standard package, including the Big Bend, Black Diamond, and Badlands models. In addition to the features offered with the standard package, the Mid package tacks on: 

  • A remote start system

  • Two-door Intelligent Access

  • Integrated AC power adapter 

  • Heated front seats

  • Rear parking sensors

  • SYNC 4 with voice recognition

  • Ford CoPilot 360 hands-free driving

High-Lux Package

The High-Lux package is reserved for higher trims, including the Bronco Raptor and the Heritage Limited. This package is an incremental addition to the mid package, adding numerous creature comforts and accessories that make for a comfortable, luxurious driving experience. Standard features of the High-Lux package include:

  •  360-degree camera

  •  Premium sound deadening

  •  Adaptive Cruise Control

  •  10-speaker B&O sound system

  •  Evasive Steering Assist

  •  Front parking sensors

  •  Heated steering wheel

  •  SYNC® 4 with Enhanced Voice Recognition

  • LED approach lamps and LED spotlights on mirrors

  •  Smart charging USB A and USB C ports

  • Wired garage door opener

  • Wireless charging pad


With amenities covered, let’s move to packages centered around off-road performance. The Sasquatch package comes standard on Everglades, Wildtrak, Heritage, and Heritage Limited models, adding functionality and rugged styling. This package includes: 

  • 17-inch beadlock-capable alloy wheels

  • 35-inch mud-terrain tires

  • E-locking front and rear differentials

  • High-clearance fender flares

Wildtrak HOSS

The Wildtrak HOSS 3.0 Suspension Package is geared toward the dedicated wheeler, including several off-road-specific upgrades that significantly improve the Bronco’s performance and overall durability off-road. This package is an incremental upgrade to the Sasquatch package and includes: 

  • FOX internal bypass dampers

  • Powder-coated steel front bumper

  • Front steel skid plate

  • Ford Performance tie-rod ends and steering rack

Ford Bronco Models

As we touched on previously, Ford also manufactured the Bronco in several distinct models, which offer differing aesthetics and features. These include: 

  • Big Bend

  • Black Diamond

  • Outer Banks

  • Badlands

  • Heritage Edition

  • Everglades

  • Wildtrak

  • Heritage Limited Edition

  • Raptor

For model specifics, check out our guide concerning Which Ford Bronco is Best for Off-Roading.

Which Trim Package is Right for You?

Now comes the million-dollar question: which trim package is right for you? We’ll have to consider several factors to answer this question, beginning with your needs and expectations. 

What’s your planned usage of your Bronco? For example, if you’re looking for a sporty daily driver, then consider opting out of the Sasquatch and Wildtrak HOSS 3.0 Suspension packages, as these packages are geared exclusively toward off-roaders. On a daily-driven Bronco that rarely sees the dirt, these options only add weight, rotational mass, and lower fuel economy.

However, if you plan to use your Bronco as a weekend warrior, you can't go wrong with the Sasquatch package’s 35-inch tires and lockers. For hardcore, dedicated wheeling, the WildTrak HOSS 3.0 Suspension package may be worth the additional price; however, you can always save money with a Sasquatch package and a set of upgraded shocks from RealTruck!

Regarding the amenities packages–Standard, Mid, and High-Lux–it’s all up to price and availability. Whichever package offers your desired features and falls into your price range is a wise choice. And remember, if you can’t find your preferred package on the dealer lot, you can always Special Order a new Bronco! 

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