Lifting the New Ford Bronco

Originally published on May 11, 2023 | Updated on Oct 12, 2023

After a quarter-century in the grave, Ford’s iconic off-road SUV was given a second chance at life. The sixth-generation Bronco first rolled off the showroom floor in 2021 after several production delays (namely leaky hard tops); however, the model quickly garnered the praise of new owners and critics alike. Sporting a stylish body that harkens back to the Bronco’s humble beginnings as a Jeep CJ rival, the sixth-generation Bronco floods Ford fanatics with nostalgia. 

Under the hood, the sixth-gen Bronco’s choice of three EcoBoost powertrains–the 2.3L inline 4, 2.7L V6, and twin-turbo 3.0L V6–make for a sporty driving experience, especially when coupled with the Getrag 7-speed manual (offered exclusively with the 2.3L). The optional Sasquatch package pairs a factory lift and oversized 35-inch tires with locking differentials for maximum performance on the trail, but what if you’re looking for even more height? 

Whether you’re piloting a low-slung base model or are looking to squeeze 37-inch tires on your Sasquatch, you can’t beat a high-quality lift kit. At RealTruck, we carry all the top lift brands and models to improve your Bronco’s aesthetics and off-road capabilities; this guide covers all our top selections and how to install them! Read on to give your 2021+ Bronco the altitude adjustment it deserves.

Types of Ford Bronco Lifts

There are several lift styles on the market–from body lifts to leveling and full-blown suspension lifts–though not every type has made its way to the sixth-gen Bronco platform. In this section, we’re breaking Bronco lifts into the three most popular categories on the market at this time–basic, adjustable, and coilover–and providing our expert’s top picks in each category.

Basic Lift Kits

Up first is the basic lift kit; this style is designed primarily for aesthetics. While not engineered for maximum off-road performance, basic lift kits increase wheel travel, ride height, and tire clearances, which provide moderate off-road benefits. 

These kits utilize aftermarket lift components like longer coil springs, coil spring/strut spacers, drop brackets, extended link arms, and more to achieve a taller ride height. Basic lift kits are ideal for daily drivers that see the occasional low-speed off-road trail or fire road.

Our Top Choice: BDS 4” Basic Lift Kit

The BDS 4” Basic Lift Kit features a simple yet trail-proven design consisting of heavy-duty coil and strut spacers. The kit’s tubular upper control arms help to increase suspension travel without binding, ensuring maximum performance on and off-road. All components are treated with corrosion-resistant coatings like zinc plating and powder coat to resist rust and scaling and ensure a long-lasting finish. 

Like all BDS lifts, the 4” Basic Lift Kit comes with the company’s industry-leading “No Questions Asked” lifetime warranty. If, for any reason, the kit incurs damage, BDS will send out a replacement–no questions asked. 


  • Increased ride height and fender clearances

  • Designed with high-quality components for maximum durability

  • Includes instructions and installation hardware

  • Sold as a complete kit for the front & rear of your Bronco

  • Includes: BDS front upper control arms

  • Includes: Front & rear coil spacers

  • Includes: Front & rear preload spacers

  • Includes: Short and tall bump stop spacers

  • Includes: Tie rod end sleeves

  • Lifetime warranty

Coilover Lift Kits

Finally, let’s cover coilover lift kits. Coilover kits feature premium, adjustable coilover front dampers and rear external reservoir shocks for maximum performance off-road. All dampers are valved for the chassis, keeping your Bronco smooth and planted through rough terrain. 

Most coilover kits also include components like adjustable suspension links, heavy-duty tubular upper control arms, and an adjustable rear track bar to promote travel. Coilover lift kits are best for the avid offroader; however, they may pose some driveability issues on the street that aren’t ideal for a daily driver.  

Our Top Choice: Icon 0–4” Adjustable Coilover Lift Kit

Icon brings its reputation for high-performance off-road suspension to the sixth-generation Bronco with the Icon 0–4” Adjustable Coilover Lift Kit. This kit includes everything necessary to get your Bronco on the trail, including:

  • Adjustable external reservoir front coilover shocks

  • External reservoir rear dampers

  • Progressive rear coil springs

  • Tubular/uniball front upper control arms

  • Adjustable links

  • Adjustable rear track bar 

All hardware is included for a straightforward, bolt-on installation.  


  • Adjustable ride height

  • CDCV shocks

  • Bolt-on installation

  • No drilling, cutting, or welding

  • All hardware and components included

  • USA-made

  • Limited lifetime warranty

Installing a Lift Kit on the New Ford Bronco

Now that we’ve covered the types of lifts available and our top selections for the sixth-gen Bronco, let’s get into the installation! While each kit differs, this guide covers the installation of most styles and brands. 

Tools Required

Before beginning your installation, you’ll need the proper tools to get the job done. In the following section, we’ve included the necessary tools for the job and some recommended additions to make your life easier.


These conventional tools should be in every enthusiast’s tool box; you'll likely need the following items when installing a lift kit on your Bronco.

  • Metric and Standard (SAE) wrench sets

  • Metric and Standard (SAE) socket sets

  • ½" drive ratchet w/ various extensions & swivels

  • Adjustable (crescent) wrench

  • ½" drive torque wrench 

  • Vice grip pliers

  • Channel-lock pliers

  • Flat head screwdriver

  • ½" breaker bar

  • Floor jack & jack stands

  • Ball-joint separator

  • Coil spring compressors


Though not required, these tools will significantly ease the installation.

  • Metric and Standard (SAE) impact sockets

  • Battery-powered/pneumatic impact driver

  • Battery-powered/pneumatic ½" ratchet

Step 1: Order Your Lift Kit

After doing your research, it’s time to order your lift! As always, shop our extensive inventory on RealTruck. We carry all the top brands and styles and have your Bronco sitting and handling perfectly.  

Step 2: Preparation

Preparation is arguably the most crucial aspect of installing a lift kit, or any modification for that matter! During this step, verify that your workspace, tools, and lift kit are ready. Clean your shop space, organize your tools, and catalog your lift kit components; while unlikely, it’s not unheard of for a manufacturer to leave out some hardware by mistake!

Organizing and cataloging now can save a massive headache down the road. 

Step 3: Elevate Your Bronco and Remove the Wheels & Tires

During this step, it’s time to gain access to your Bronco’s suspension. Using a floor jack and jack stands, lift your Bronco off the ground and support it by the frame. 

Note: Be sure to relieve pressure from the suspension and choose jacking points that won’t interfere with the lift installation. 

Once off of the ground, remove the wheels and tires with an impact driver. If removing by hand, loosen the lug nuts ¼–½ rotation before raising the vehicle. 

Step 4: Disassembly

With full access to your Bronco’s suspension, disassemble all required components as specified by the instructions. Take your time and follow the installation manual to prevent damage or injury. 

Step 5: Reassembly

Since all aforementioned kits are bolt-on, no modifications should be required! Once you've stripped all factory components from the chassis, install the aftermarket replacements! Be sure to torque all hardware to specified values and use thread-locking compound as directed. 

Step 6: Reinstall Wheels and Tires and Lower Vehicle

With the lift installed and torqued to spec, reinstall your Bronco’s wheels and tires and lower it to the ground. Be sure to torque your lug nuts to 100 ft/lbs in a star pattern to seat the wheel and evenly distribute torque. 

Step 7: Have a Professional Alignment Performed 

With your Bronco on the ground, begin admiring its new-found ride height! However, don’t hit the road just yet! After a quick test drive, book an appointment for an alignment at a reputable shop. This step ensures that your Bronco tracks straight and true, the steering wheel is aligned, and the tires wear evenly. 

Step 8: Retorque all Hardware

After approximately 500 miles, and then again after 3,000–5,000 miles, retorque all lift hardware. It’s not uncommon for components to shift and loosen after the initial installation, and this step verifies that all components are secure. 

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