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KC HiLiTES Pro6 50" Roof Mount LED Light Bar
KC HiLiTES Pro6 50" Roof Mount LED Light Bar
From:  $2,073.99
Rigid 46706
RIGID Industries 360-Series A-Pillar Light Kit
From:  $988.79
Baja Designs 447756
Baja Designs Custom Roof Bar Kits
From:  $1,606.95
Diode Dd6802
Diode Dynamics SS5 CrossLink Windshield Light Bar Kit
From:  $1,700.00
Kc 97167
KC HiLiTES Ditch Light Kits
From:  $442.99
Havoc Hfb 01 001
Havoc Offroad 20" Single Row Light Bar with DRL
From:  $169.99
Baja Designs 447766
Baja Designs Custom Reverse Light Kits
From:  $362.95
Roughcountry 71056
Rough Country LED Ditch Lights
From:  $99.95
Havoc Black-Out Series 20" LED Light Bar
From:  $239.99
Baja Designs 447754Up
Baja Designs Custom A-Pillar Light Kits
From:  $325.95
Baja Designs 447750
Baja Designs XL Custom Linkable Bumper Light Bar Kit
From:  $1,538.95
Rigid 46724
RIGID Industries LED Light Bar Roof Mount Kit
From:  $1,235.99
Oracle 5888 023 Mf
Oracle Windshield LED Light Bar
From:  $941.36
Diode Dd7059
Diode Dynamics SS3 Custom Kit Backlit LED Lights
From:  $320.00
Zroadz Z365401 Kit4
ZROADZ A Pillar Mounts
From:  $94.50
Havoc Hfb 01 002
Havoc Offroad 40" Single Row Light Bar with DRL
From:  $279.99
Grh 3X2 Led Lights
10% OFF
Go Rhino Xplor Bright Series 3x2 LED Lights
From:  $134.95$149.95
Grh 3X3 Cube Light
10% OFF
Go Rhino Xplor Bright Series 3x3 LED Cube Lights
From:  $134.95$149.95
Grh 750200321Fcs
10% OFF
Go Rhino Xplor Blackout Series 2x2 Cube Lights
From:  $152.95$169.95
Grh 750152013Css
10% OFF
Go Rhino Xplor Bright Series 20" Single Row LED Light Bar
From:  $161.95$179.95
Go Rhino Xplor Blackout Sixline
10% OFF
Go Rhino Xplor Blackout Series Sixline LED Light Kit
From:  $179.95$199.95
Grh 750400321Fcf
10% OFF
Go Rhino Xplor Blackout Series Flush Mount 3x3 Cube Light
From:  $179.95$199.95
Grh 4X3 Rectangular Light
10% OFF
Go Rhino Xplor Bright Series 4x3 Rectangular LED Light
From:  $179.95$199.95
Grh 750300621Fbf
10% OFF
Go Rhino Xplor Blackout Series Flush Mount Sixline Flood Light
From:  $179.95$199.95
Grh 750400321Fcs
10% OFF
Go Rhino Xplor Blackout Series 3x3 Cube Lights
From:  $179.95$199.95
Grh 750723213Css
10% OFF
Go Rhino Xplor Bright Series 30" Single Row LED Light Bar
From:  $206.95$229.95
Go Rhino 4X3 Sidelight Led
10% OFF
Go Rhino Xplor Blackout Series Sideline Cube Lights
From:  $224.95$249.95
Grh Bright Series 4X3
10% OFF
Go Rhino Bright Series 4x3 Sideline LED Cube Light
From:  $224.95$249.95
Grh 751202113Cds
10% OFF
Go Rhino Xplor Bright Series 20" Double Row LED Light Bar
From:  $251.95$279.95
Grh 30508290
10% OFF
Go Rhino Xplor Bright Series 6" Round LED Driving Light
From:  $269.95$299.95

Off-Road Lighting for Trucks, Jeeps & SUVs

Are you tired of straining for visibility in dimly or unlit conditions? Whether navigating a dark trail, backroad, or simply attempting to back a trailer in at night, ample light output is critical to reduce eye fatigue and increase safety. 

RealTruck carries the widest selection of off-road lighting, including cubes and pods, LED light bars, round off-road lights, and more!

What Are the Benefits of Off-Road Lighting?

There’s no substitute for proper lighting while driving at night. No matter the conditions, the terrain, or the type of driving you’re doing, ample visibility is key to getting home safely—that’s where high-performance off-road lighting comes in. 

Quality off-road lights turn night into day, inspiring confidence behind the wheel and better illuminating treacherous conditions, obstacles, and more. Plus, they look pretty slick too! 

Types of Off-Road Lights

There are several styles of off-road lights, ranging from simple pods to massive LED bars and everything in between! Check out some of our top-selling categories below. 

Cube & Pod Lights 

Compact and bright; cubes and pod lights are offered in several different flavors, including lens types, bulb design, and sizes. However, cubes and pods all share a small housing designed to mount in any location, while still packing enough of a punch to significantly improve visibility. 

LED Light Bars

Whether modular, single-row, dual-row, or otherwise, LED light bars are one of the brightest offerings on the off-road lighting market. Engineered using multiple high-efficiency LED chips, LED bars draw minimal power while producing exceptional output. LED light bars are also available in various lengths and form factors for the best possible fitment. 

Round Off-Road Lights

Available in halogen and LED bulb technologies, round off-road lights are ideal for use in fog light holes, on aftermarket bumpers, or practically anywhere else!