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Warn Zeon 12 Platinum Series 12000 lb Winch
From:  $2,209.99
Warn Zeon 12 Premium Series 12000 lb Winch
From:  $1,289.99
Superwinch SX 12,000 Winch Gallery 02
Superwinch SX 12000 Winch
From:  $673.99
Rugged Ridge C10 Trekker Winch 15100.07 01
Instant Rebate
Rugged Ridge 10,000 LB Trekker Winch
From:  $549.99
Warn VR EVO 12-S Winch 103255 01
$150 Rebate
Warn VR EVO 12 Winch
From:  $773.54
Warn Zeon 10 Platinum Series 10000 lb Winch
From:  $2,124.99
Warn VR EVO 10-S Winch 103253 01
$150 Rebate
Warn VR EVO 10 Winch
From:  $635.80
Warn M12 Series 12000 lb Winch
From:  $2,294.99
Warn M15 Series 15,000 lb. Winch
From:  $2,549.99
DK2 Warrior Samurai 20000-SR Winch 01
DK2 Warrior Samurai 20,000 LB Winch
From:  $2,329.99
Superwinch SX 10000 Winch Gallery 02
Superwinch SX 10000 Winch
From:  $606.99
Smittybilt XRC Gen3 12,000 lb Winch
Smittybilt XRC Gen3 12,000 lb Winch
From:  $669.79
Smittybilt X2O Gen2 17,500 lb Waterproof Winch 97517
Smittybilt X2O Gen2 17,500 lb Waterproof Winch
From:  $858.64
Superwinch Talon Series Winch
Superwinch Talon Series Winch
From:  $1,114.72
Smittybilt X2O Gen2 10,000 lb Waterproof Winch
Smittybilt X2O Gen2 10,000 lb Waterproof Winch
From:  $720.66
Warn VR EVO 8-S Winch 103251 01
$150 Rebate
Warn VR EVO 8 Winch
From:  $588.19
Warn Zeon 10 Premium Series 10000 lb Winch
From:  $1,199.99
DK2 Warrior T1000 22000-SR Winch 01
DK2 Warrior T1000 22,000 LB Winch
From:  $2,819.99
Warn M8 Series 8000 lb Winch
From:  $893.76
DK2 Warrior NW 15000 LB Hydraulic Winch 01
DK2 Warrior NW 15,000 LB Hydraulic Winch
From:  $3,039.99
Warn Zeon 8 Premium Series 8000 lb Winch
From:  $1,099.99
BullDog 8,000 lb Self Recovery Winch
Bulldog 8,000 LB Self Recovery Winch
From:  $379.99
Smittybilt X2O Gen3 12,000 LB Winch 01
Smittybilt X2O Gen3 12000 LB Winch
From:  $866.99
Iron Cross D-Ring Shackles 1000-10 01
50% OFF
Iron Cross D-Ring Shackles
From:  $17.50$35.00
Road Armor Identity Shackle
From:  $172.84
Rugged Ridge D-Ring Shackle
From:  $15.99
Rugged Ridge C12.5 Trekker Winch 15100.24 01
Instant Rebate
Rugged Ridge 12,500 LB Trekker Winch
From:  $699.99
Superwinch Tiger Shark 18000 Winch Main
Superwinch Tiger Shark 18000 Winch
From:  $1,198.99
Smittybilt X2O Gen3 10,000 LB Winch 01
Smittybilt X2O Gen3 10000 LB Winch
From:  $738.99
DK2 Warrior Samurai 17500-SR Winch 01
DK2 Warrior Samurai 17,500 LB Winch
From:  $1,674.99

Winches, Winch Mounts, and Winch Accessories

At RealTruck, we carry all of your heavy-duty recovery needs, and nothing’s more handy on the trail than a high-quality winch and the associated winch accessories! Winches are a must-have for die-hard off-roaders, allowing you to single-handedly extract your vehicle from sticky situations and challenging obstacles that your rig otherwise couldn't conquer. 

These devices feature an electric motor that winds and unwinds a heavy-duty steel cable or synthetic rope. When the winch line’s lead is attached to a stationary object, known as an anchor, and the winch retracts the line, it pulls your vehicle forward in the process! Winches are also used to recover other stuck vehicles, including wheeling rigs, ATVs, UTVs, and even watercraft! 

Winches have various components, including:

  • Winch: The physical winch; this product features an electric motor, control box, drum, gear train, clutch, and remote plug (if applicable). 

  • Winch Mount: The winch mount is a durable mounting plate, typically composed of alloy steel, which secures the winch to your vehicle’s chassis. We offer various mount types, including bumpers with integrated winch plates, bolt-on winch plates, and hitch-mounted winch plates. 

  • Winch Cables & Ropes: Winch lines can also comprise various materials, including braided steel cable and synthetic rope. When selecting a cable/rope, ensure compatibility with your application. 

  • Winch Accessories: We also offer several winch accessories, including shackles, snatch blocks, and more!

Off-Road Resources

At RealTruck, we aren’t just parts-pushers; we’re off-road enthusiasts just like you! Our team of experts has compiled a wide selection of off-road guides directed toward new and veteran wheelers alike. Check out some of our top off-road resources below: 

We also carry a wide selection of off-road parts, including: