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At RealTruck, our goal isn’t just to offer industry-leading parts and accessories, but to help our faithful consumers out along the way! For more information, check out all of our Silverado 1500's Guides on RealSource. To kick things off, here are some of our experts’ favorites:

Chevy Silverado 1500 Specs & Standard Features

Over the years, the Silverado has undergone 4 significant generational changes, with each bringing new technology and features to the table.

1st Generation (GMT800) 1999–2006


2nd Generation (GMT900) 2007–2013


3rd Generation (GMTK2XX) 2014–2018


4th Generation (GMTT1XX) 2019–Present


Chevy Silverado 1500 Legacy

Though we typically refer to all Chevrolet pickups as Silverados, this is only partially correct. While Silverado branding was available on early C/K series pickups, the name referenced a high-level trim package rather than a standalone model. It wasn’t until 1999 that all of Chevrolet’s pickups received the Silverado model title. 

Released alongside the GMC Sierra–the Chevy pickup’s mechanical twin–the first-generation Silverado became an instant success. Sporting the iconic 5.3L Vortec and a significantly updated chassis, exterior, and interior, the first model year of the Silverado swooped up several awards, including Motor Trend’s 1999 Truck of the Year! Though the model experienced a major mid-generation facelift in 2003, the 2nd generation Silverado wasn’t released until 2007.5 when the new model took home another Truck of the Year award!  
After nearly a quarter century and four generations, the Chevrolet Silverado remains one of the United States’ best-selling pickups in constant competition with Ford and RAM. The hyper-popular pickup is known for robust reliability, unrelenting performance, and superior overall quality that’s helped Chevrolet become the most awarded brand in new vehicle quality.

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