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Morimoto LF551
10% OFF
Morimoto XB Black DRL Hybrid LED Headlights
From:  $825.21$916.90
Morimoto Lf497
10% OFF
Morimoto XB Black DRL LED Headlights
From:  $805.50$895.00
AlphaRex 880140
AlphaRex Black Pro Series Headlights
From:  $276.99
AlphaRex 880163
AlphaRex Black Nova Series LED Headlights
From:  $965.00
AlphaRex 880722
AlphaRex Black LUXX Series LED Headlights
From:  $630.00
Anzo Black Switchback Projector Headlights
Anzo Black Switchback Projector Headlights
From:  $450.39
30% OFF
SPEC-D Black Crystal Headlights
From:  $48.29$68.99
AlphaRex 880141-01
AlphaRex Chrome Pro Series Headlights
From:  $329.99
30% OFF
SPEC-D Chrome Crystal Headlights
From:  $48.29$68.99
Anzo 111457
Anzo Black Crystal Headlights
From:  $123.99
Spec D Lhp Ran98Sm Rs
30% OFF
SPEC-D Smoked Black Halo Projector Headlights
From:  $131.59$187.99
Spec D 2Lhp F15097Sm Rs
30% OFF
SPEC-D Smoked Black DRL Projector Headlights
From:  $164.49$234.99
Anzo Black Halo Projector Headlights
From:  $231.09
30% OFF
SPEC-D Black Halo Projector Headlights
From:  $111.29$158.99
30% OFF
SPEC-D Chrome Halo Projector Headlights
From:  $82.59$117.99
Spec-D 2LHP-F15097JM-RS
30% OFF
SPEC-D Black U-Bar Projector Headlights
From:  $157.07$224.39
GTR Lighting gtrhl05
10% OFF
GTR Carbide Black LED Headlights
From:  $540.00$600.00
Form Fl0012
Form Black Projector LED Headlights
From:  $799.00
Anzo Black U-Bar Projector Headlights
From:  $338.59
Anzo Chrome Halo Projector Headlights
From:  $231.09
AlphaRex 880101
AlphaRex Chrome Nova Series LED Headlights
From:  $965.00
Recon 264192Bkc
Recon Smoked Black DRL Projector Headlights
From:  $649.95
Anzo 111551
Anzo Black DRL Projector Headlights
From:  $386.99
Oracle Oculus Bi-LED Projector Headlights
From:  $472.46
Oracle ColorSHIFT Oculus Bi-LED Projector Headlights
From:  $519.30
Anzo Black LED Headlights
Anzo Black LED Headlights
From:  $765.00
Anzo Chrome Switchback Projector Headlights
Anzo Chrome Switchback Projector Headlights
From:  $450.39
Form Fl0002
Form Black Reflector LED Headlights
From:  $699.00
Anzo Chrome Crystal Headlights
Anzo Chrome Crystal Headlights
From:  $103.99
AlphaRex 880721
AlphaRex Chrome LUXX Series LED Headlights
From:  $635.00

Why Should You Replace Your Headlights?

After years of service, it’s common to see headlight lenses develop hairline cracks, oxidation, yellowing, and even leaks from poorly applied sealant or physical damage. Not only do damaged headlights degrade your vehicle’s aesthetics, but they can significantly diminish light output and may even be illegal! 

Instead of attempting tedious restoration processes or sourcing equally oxidized used parts, consider upgrading your factory headlights with premium, aftermarket housings from RealTruck! We offer several styles, housing colors, lens tints, and more to bolster aesthetics and functionality, ensuring your headlights are as bright and focused as they are stylish!

Truck Headlight Types

 While you can always replace your headlights with standard, factory-style housings, why not improve your ride’s aesthetics simultaneously? At RealTruck, we offer numerous headlight styles, allowing you to customize your truck’s front end to better complement aftermarket wheels, bumpers, side steps, and more!

Housing Style (Projector Vs. Reflector)

Projector headlights are the ultimate in headlight tech, offering exceptional light output and a crisp pattern with the help of high-intensity projector lenses. Compared to the reflector buckets of conventional headlight housings, projector headlights produce a focused and crisp beam pattern that shines brighter, farther, and directly where it’s needed: on the street ahead!

Bulb Technology (Halogen Vs. LED)

Regarding bulb technology, some housings reuse your pickup’s factory halogen bulbs while others feature built-in LED chips. Halogens are standard incandescent bulbs that offer reliable performance and a familiar, warm-toned light; however, they feature a reasonable lifespan (500-1,000 hours) and moderate brightness. 

On the other hand, LED (light emitting diode) bulbs are exceptionally bright, efficient, and long-lasting (up to 30,000 hours); they’re also typically pricier than their halogen counterparts. LED bulbs are also available in multiple color temperatures, ranging from cool blues to vibrant yellows. 

Running Light Style (U-Bar Vs. Halo)

Some aftermarket headlights feature integrated DRLs, or daytime running lights, that illuminate whenever your pickup is running. These lights come in two predominant shapes–U-Bar and Halo–with each sporting a unique aesthetic. 

U-Bar headlights, also called C-Bar, feature an LED or CCFL running light arranged in a U or C-shape that follows the contour of the housing. These DRLs come as factory equipment on several new vehicles which, when retrofitted into aftermarket headlight housings, significantly modernize the aesthetics of aging pickups. 

On the other hand, Halos are vibrant LED or CCFL rings that surround your vehicle’s reflector buckets or projector lenses, producing a distinct aesthetic when illuminated.

Housing Color

Housings come in several finishes, including classic chrome and satin, matte, or gloss black. Whether you prefer the factory-style appearance of chrome housings or the sleek and stealthy appearance of black housings, RealTruck has you covered!

Lens Color

Aside from the housing color, headlights also come in various lens colors, including smoked and crystal clear. However, it’s important to note that smoked headlight lenses typically limit light output and may not be legal for street use.

Headlight Articles and Resources

For additional information, check out our headlight buyer’s guides on RealSource, including top headlight bulbs and leading headlight housings for models like the Toyota Tacoma and Ford F-150!