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Rugged Ridge LED Interior Lighting System
Rugged Ridge LED Interior Lighting System
From:  $139.99
ORACLE ColorSHIFT Hardtop Headliner
From:  $491.40
Rugged Ridge LED Interior Courtesy Lights
Rugged Ridge LED Interior Courtesy Lights
From:  $39.99
Oracle 4237 333
Oracle Fiber Optic LED Interior
From:  $103.50
5% OFF
American Modified Turbo Air AC Vent Ambient Light
From:  $379.99$399.99
Rugged Ridge Clip-On LED Light
Rugged Ridge Clip-On LED Light
From:  $19.99
Oracle ColorSHIFT Dash Kit LED Lights
From:  $37.76

LED Lights for Truck Interiors

Are you looking to modernize the appearance of your ride’s interior lighting? Then consider upgrading the dim, yellow-toned factory halogen bulbs to high-intensity LED replacements! LED bulbs offer several benefits over conventional incandescent bulbs, including: 

  • Greater energy efficiency

  • Enhanced output

  • Longer lifespan

  • Variable color temperatures

  • Instant illumination; no warm-up period

Aside from factory-style replacement bulbs, we also offer several auxiliary LED kits for ambient/mood/accent lighting. These kits can provide your interior with a stylish, high-end aesthetic that sets your ride apart! Additionally, LED interior lighting can show off your personality and style; nothing says custom like vibrant, color-shifting interior illumination!

Interior Light Types

At RealTruck, we offer several styles of interior lighting. Some of our most popular include:

Headliner Lights

Headliner lights, like the ORACLE ColorSHIFT Hardtop Headliner for Jeeps, offer your Wrangler or Gladiator a highly-custom aesthetic. This product utilizes no-drill panels fitted with dozens of fiber-optic stars, providing the Rolls Royce-esque “starliner” appearance that’s gained popularity in recent years!

Footwell Lighting

Several high-end vehicles feature vibrant courtesy lights in the footwells, bolstering low-light visibility and providing a sleek, premium appearance. At RealTruck, we offer several footwell light kits, like the Rugged Ridge LED Interior Lighting System, which includes LED light strips for both front and rear footwells, a controller, and all necessary clips and wiring for a clean, factory-style installation.

Air Vent Lighting

Since you can install LED lighting in practically every location of your interior, why not illuminate the air vents? That’s the idea behind the American Modified Turbo Air AC Vent Ambient Light system, designed for use on 2011-current Wrangler Models. These stylish vents replace the factory units and include integrated RGB color-changing LED lighting, making for a truly unique interior accent.


If you’re looking for a truly one-off interior accent, consider a universal light kit, like the Oracle Fiber Optic LED Interior lights! These systems utilize fiber-optic LED strips you can install anywhere two seams meet; no glue or double-sided adhesive is required! The included remote grants full control over the illumination, allowing you to shift colors, modes, and brightness.

Task Lighting

Perhaps style isn’t your primary concern with interior lighting, but functionality. In this case, consider installing task-specific lighting to improve low-light visibility. Products like the Rugged Ridge Clip-On LED Light clip to nearly any surface, like sun visors or exterior trim, provide wireless light where it’s needed most!