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AVS Blackout Tail Light Covers
AVS Blackout Tail Light Covers
From:  $99.95
AVS Headlight Covers
AVS Headlight Covers
From:  $96.95
AVS Projektorz Headlight Covers
AVS Projektorz Headlight Covers
From:  $109.99
Steelcraft Tail Light Guards
Steelcraft Tail Light Guards
From:  $134.99
Black Horse Tail Light Guards
10% OFF
Black Horse Tail Light Guards
From:  $120.04$133.38
Rugged Ridge Elite Tail Light Guards Gallery 01
Rugged Ridge Elite Tail Light Guards
From:  $44.99
Rugged Ridge Stone Guard Kit
Rugged Ridge Stone Guard Kit
From:  $69.99
Wade Tail Light Covers
Wade Tail Light Covers
From:  $51.99
Rampage Jeep Tail Light Guards
Rampage Jeep Tail Light Guards
From:  $89.99
GT Styling Fog Light Covers
From:  $38.04
Rampage Jeep Head Light Guards 86665 01
Rampage Jeep Head Light Guards
From:  $59.99
GT Styling Headlight Covers
From:  $69.55
Putco Chrome Headlight Trim
Putco Chrome Headlight Trim
From:  $80.99
KC HiLites Light Covers
KC HiLiTES Light Covers
From:  $16.49
KC HiLiTES Slimlite or Daylighter Stone Guards
KC HiLiTES Slimlite or Daylighter Stone Guards
From:  $19.99
Rigid D-Series LED Light Covers
RIGID D-Series PRO LED Light Covers
From:  $20.49
RIGID 360-Series LED Light Covers
From:  $41.99
KC HiLiTES Apollo Stone Guards
KC HiLiTES Apollo Stone Guards
From:  $18.99
Putco Luminix Light Covers
Putco Luminix Light Bar Covers
From:  $21.99
KC HiLiTES Pro6 Light Cover
KC HiLiTES Pro6 Light Cover
From:  $17.49
KC HiLiTES Rally Stone Guards
KC HiLiTES Rally Stone Guards
From:  $16.99
KC HiLiTES 5318
KC HiLiTES FLEX ERA 3 Light Covers
From:  $6.99
Morimoto Baf200
10% OFF
Morimoto 4Banger Replacement Lens
From:  $19.80$22.00
Rigid Industries 104913
RIGID E-Series LED Light Covers
From:  $23.49
Rigid Industries 105943
Rigid SR Series LED Light Covers
From:  $24.24
RIGID Q-Series PRO LED Light Covers
RIGID Q-Series PRO LED Light Covers
From:  $28.74
Project X Series X Lens Protector
From:  $34.49
Project X Series One Lens Protector
From:  $34.49

Light Guards & Light Covers

Lights are one of the most vital components of your ride, increasing your visibility on dimly lit roads and trails while driving. Your lights also increase the visibility of your vehicle to other drivers and signal your impending actions through brake and turn signals.

Unfortunately, the glass and plastic lenses that seal automotive light housings are highly susceptible to cracks and damage from mild impacts and flying rocks/road debris. To prevent damage on the trail or highway, check out our selection of light guards & light covers! 

Light guards and covers protect your vehicle’s lights from the typical bumps and bruises of wheeling, such as navigating tight parking lots and absorbing kicked-up debris on the highway. Light covers and guards are available for most lights on your vehicle, including headlights, tail lights, fog lights, and auxiliary lights, including LED light bars, cubes and pods, and round off-road lights

Additionally, some states require light covers over non-DOT off-road lights while driving on public roads, preventing you from blinding other drivers.

Light Shield and Light Cover Options

Light shields and covers are available in several styles and finishes, depending on your preferred appearance and functionality. 


  • Slotted: Slotted light covers, like Wade Tail Light Covers, are typically manufactured from opaque black or dark smoke ABS/acrylic. These covers tightly hug the contours of the light; however, they feature several precision-cut slots to let light through, providing a unique finish and adequate visibility in most conditions. This light cover option is typically only used for tail lights, as slotted headlight covers would significantly hinder light output and beam pattern. 

  • BlackOut: Blackout light covers, like AVS Blackout Tail Light Covers, are manufactured from dark-smoke acrylic material to let light through while drastically altering the color of your vehicle’s lights. Due to minimizing light output, blackout light covers are typically illegal for road use, making them show and off-road only. 

  • Transparent Shield: Transparent shield light covers, like GT Styling Headlight Covers, are manufactured from acrylic and feature a transparent light smoke, clear, or yellow design. These covers are impact and UV resistant, protecting the underlying lens from sun fading, chips, and cracks without hindering visibility. 

  • Full Coverage: Full coverage light covers, like the KC HiLiTES FLEX ERA 3 Light Covers, are fully opaque, designed to prevent any light from passing through. These covers are traditionally reserved for non-DOT legal off-road lights while operating on roadways, preventing you from blinding other drivers on the road.


  • Blackout: Dark smoke; nearly black. This color lets minimal light pass through and is traditionally illegal for road use. 

  • Smoke: Light-medium smoke. This color lets a moderate amount of light through; however, they may or may not be legal for road use.  

  • Transparent Yellow: Ideal for foggy or rainy conditions; yellow lights have long been proven to provide better visibility than traditional white light. In most cases, transparent yellow light covers are legal for road use. 

  • Clear: Allows all light to pass through; these covers protect your vehicle’s factory headlight housings without altering their appearance or light output.

  • Carbon Fiber: A semi-transparent gray grid pattern, aesthetically similar to carbon fiber weave. These light covers allow small amounts of light to pass through; however, they’re traditionally illegal for road use.

Light Guard Options

Like shields and covers, light guards come in several materials, designs, and finishes, offering different levels of protection and significantly different aesthetics.


  • Aluminum: Aluminum light guards, like Rugged Ridge Elite Tail Light Guards, are durable and lightweight, providing adequate protection without adding unnecessary heft to the chassis. Aluminum is also corrosion-resistant, resisting rust and scaling from rough winters and harsh conditions. 

  • Carbon Steel: Carbon steel light guards, like Black Horse Tail Light Guards in a black finish, are durable and protective; however, they’re far heavier and prone to corrosion than aluminum or stainless steel. 

  • ABS Plastic: ABS Plastic light guards, like KC HiLiTES Apollo Stone Guards, are lightweight and corrosion-resistant; however, they may experience fading and cracking after years of service. 

  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel light guards, like Black Horse Tail Light Guards in a polished finish, offer the best of both worlds, featuring adequate strength and corrosion resistance due to the material’s high chromium content.


  • Polished: Polished light guards are manufactured from either stainless steel or aluminum that’s been sanded smooth and polished to a lustrous, mirror-like finish. These guards perfectly complement chrome and stainless steel trim, like bumpers, running boards, and more! 

  • Black: Black light guards are painted or powder-coated using high-grade automotive materials. Black guards are typically constructed from carbon steel to offset the cost of the coating, which is necessary to encapsulate and protect the corrosion-prone alloy against rust. 

  • Colors: We also offer bright, colorful options like the KC HiLiTES Slimlite or Daylighter Stone Guards, featuring a vibrant yellow finish.