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Truck Switch Panels, Light Wiring Kits & Harnesses

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sPOD BantamX Touchscreen Vehicle Specific Switch Panel Kit
From:  $930.00
Roughcountry 70963
Rough Country Light Controller Kits
From:  $169.95
sPOD SourceLT Vehicle Specific Switch Panel Kit
From:  $590.00
ORACLE Lighting ColorSHIFT RGB LED Demon Eye Upgrade Kit
From:  $140.36
Grh 758Chscw
10% OFF
Go Rhino 8 Channel Switch Controller
From:  $215.95$239.95
sPOD SourceLT Air Gauge Switch Panel Kit
From:  $590.00
sPOD SourceLT Mini 6 Vehicle Specific Switch Panel Kit
From:  $595.00
sPOD SourceLT Genesis Adapter Switch Panel Kit
From:  $605.00
sPOD BantamX Vehicle Specific Switch Panel Kit
From:  $885.00
sPOD BantamX HD Vehicle Specific Switch Panel Kit
From:  $930.00
sPOD BantamX Touchscreen Universal Switch Panel Kit
From:  $915.00
RIGID 360-Series LED Wiring Harness
From:  $92.49
sPOD SourceLT Mini 6 Universal Switch Panel Kit
From:  $580.00
sPOD BantamX HD Universal Switch Panel Kit
From:  $915.00
sPOD SourceLT Universal Switch Panel Kit
From:  $528.00
Oracle ColorSHIFT Controller
From:  $85.05
Rugged Ridge 15210.69
Rugged Ridge Auxiliary Light Wiring Kit
From:  $29.99
Roughcountry 70970
Rough Country 8 Panel Light Controller
From:  $199.95
sPOD BantamX Universal Switch Panel Kit
From:  $895.00
Roughcountry 70955
Rough Country Universal Light Controller Kit
From:  $119.95
Southern Truck Light Bar Wiring Harness
Southern Truck Off-Road Light Wiring Harness
From:  $44.95
sPOD SourceLT RAM Mount Universal Switch Panel Kit
From:  $665.00
sPOD BantamX Universal Switch Panel Kit Add-On
From:  $575.00
Baja LP9 Wiring Harness
Baja LP9 Wiring Harness
From:  $94.95
Putco Anti-Flicker Harness
Putco Anti-Flicker Harness
From:  $55.99
Westin LED Wiring Harness
Westin LED Wiring Harness
From:  $57.19
Baja OnX6 Hi-Power Wiring Harness
Baja XL & OnX6 Hi-Power Wiring Harness
From:  $74.95
RIGID Adapt GPS Module
RIGID Adapt GPS Module
From:  $129.99
Baja S8 Wiring Harness
Baja S8 Wiring Harness
From:  $74.95
Baja Squadron & S2 Wiring Harness
Baja Squadron & S2 Wiring Harness
From:  $29.95

Truck Switch Panels, Light Wiring Kits & Harnesses

You can never have too much light. At least, that’s our motto here at RealTruck! Whether you’re piloting a dedicated off-road Jeep, a daily-driven pickup, or the family SUV, lighting is always a welcome addition. 

At RealTruck, we carry a massive selection of aftermarket lighting to boost your ride’s output, drastically improving visibility with bright, crisp, and usable light. From aftermarket headlights and tail lights to vibrant off-road lights and the associated mounts and harnesses, we have it all!

Lighting Components (Wiring Kits, Switch Panels & More)

What deters individuals most about aftermarket lighting is the installation; after all, aside from plug-and-play headlights, tail lights, and fog lights, most universal products like LED light bars and cubes require routing universal wiring harnesses throughout the chassis and installing a switch panel. With our selection of harnesses, switch panels, and comprehensive wiring kits, we’re here to make the installation process less daunting. We offer a variety of accessories, including: 

  • Light Wiring Kits / Harnesses: Comprehensive kits including all necessary wiring, fuses, relays, and switches to direct power into your vehicle’s cab to the included switch, and your lights! 

  • Switch Panels & Switches: Convenient panels that house all of your switches in one location. Most feature low-voltage cutoff for safe operation. Switch panels come in universal and vehicle-specific configurations. 

  • Anti-Flicker Kits: Some vehicles utilize modern, computer-driven electronics that cause aftermarket bulb technologies, namely LEDs, to flicker. These kits include pre-assembled sub harnesses that eliminate flickering when installed in line with the wiring connector and bulb.  

  • LED Load Resistors: Heavy-duty resistors with integrated heat sinks that prevent hyper-flashing and bulb-out indicators by tricking your vehicle into thinking a regular light bulb is installed instead of an LED. 

  • Relays: Safely provide your vehicle with the appropriate voltage using our selection of relays, minimizing the risk of overheating or melting wires.  

  • Controllers: Colorshift controllers that allow you to change the color of your compatible RGB (red, green, blue) LED lights.