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Side Running Lights

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Recon LED Side Mirror Lenses
Recon LED Side Mirror Lenses
From:  $79.95
Recon LED Fender Lights
Recon LED Fender Lights
From:  $119.95
Anzo LED Side Mirror Lights
Anzo LED Side Mirror Lights
From:  $64.99
Oracle Off-Road LED Side Mirror Caps
From:  $359.96
Oracle SideTrack LED Lights
From:  $188.96
Anzo 861081-01
Anzo LED Fender Lights
From:  $62.49
Overtread Amber LED Side Marker
From:  $74.00
Overtread Smoked LED Side Marker
From:  $74.00
5% OFF
American Modified Turn Signal Markers
From:  $85.49$89.99
Overtread Front Fender Side Marker Light w/ Turn Signal
From:  $99.00
Overtread Fender Air Vent LED Light
From:  $119.00
Race Sport Door Valet LED Fender Lights
From:  $119.99
5% OFF
American Modified Sequential Turn Signal Lights
From:  $180.49$189.99
Putco 931000960
Putco Blade Sideliner Rocker Kits
From:  $984.99
Recon LED Running Lights
Recon LED Running Lights
From:  $209.95
Ionic Illuminator LED Light Kit
From:  $49.99
Cali Raised Side Shooter LED Cube Light
Cali Raised Side Shooter LED Cube Lights
From:  $110.00

What Are Side Running Lights?

Running lights are small, moderately illuminated lights found throughout a vehicle that increase other’s visibility of your truck, Jeep, or SUV with the lights on. Typically, these lights are found on oversized vehicles, like DRW (dual rear wheel) pickups, and illuminate whenever the parking lights are on or the truck is running (hence the name). 

In low visibility scenarios, it’s easy to mistake an oversized pickup for an average half-ton or SUV; however, running lights, particularly side running lights, indicate to other drivers that your vehicle takes up extra space on the road. Often installed on oversized mirrors and DRW flares, side running lights alert other drivers of your vehicle’s position on the road to prevent collisions. 

Aside from functionality, running lights are a stylish addition to any ride! You also don’t need to settle for the stereotypical amber lens and orange glow; aftermarket side running lights come in various illumination and lens colors for a custom appearance.

Side Running Light Types

Side running lights come in several shapes and sizes for use in different locations. Some of the most popular include: 

Running Board Lights: These lights, traditionally strips or strung-together modules, are installed beneath your vehicle’s doors, between the steps and rocker panels. When illuminated, these lights provide a clear view of the step pads and also alert other drivers of your vehicle’s added width due to the steps. 

Side Mirror Lights: Side mirror lights mount on–you guessed it–your vehicle’s side mirrors. These lights are typically used on heavy-duty pickups with tow mirrors, altering other drivers of the position of your mirrors to prevent accidental contact, especially on narrow roads. 

Side Markers: Side markers are clear indicators of your vehicle’s front and rear end, differentiated by the front’s iconic amber glow and the rear’s red illumination. 

Fender Lights: Fender lights come from the factory on most DRW pickups, also known as “dualies.” These pickups are extra-wide, typically taking up nearly an entire lane. As a result, it’s imperative to alert other drivers of your pickup’s added width, preventing unnecessary impacts and abrasions from unknowingly drifting too close or passing on a narrow road. 
Air Vent Lights: Air vent lights are purely aesthetic, adding a stylish glow to the factory-installed air vents of your Jeep’s fenders.

Additional Lighting

If you’re already upgrading your ride’s side running lights, you might as well upgrade them all! At RealTruck, we carry all types of aftermarket lighting, including cab lights, under-car lights, and more!