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AVS AeroCab Marker Light
From:  $159.99
AVS AeroCab Color Matched Marker Light
From:  $209.99
AVS AeroCab™ Pro Color-Match Marker Light
From:  $249.99
Recon Cab Lights
Recon Cab Lights
From:  $44.95
Anzo LED Truck Cab Lights
Anzo LED Truck Cab Lights
From:  $38.89
IPCW Cab Lights
From:  $49.95
Putco Pure LED Truck Cab Running Lights
Putco Pure LED Truck Cab Running Lights
From:  $157.99
Race Sport LoPro Amber LED Roof Mount Cab Lights
From:  $399.99
Racesport 1007602
Race Sport Wireless Solar Power LED Cab Lights
From:  $434.99
Oracle ColorSHIFT Dash Kit LED Lights
From:  $37.76

Increase your truck’s visibility to oncoming traffic with a set of premium cab lights from RealTruck! We offer the top brands, styles, and illumination colors, allowing you to customize your ride's aesthetics. 

Unsure which cab lights are best for your ride? Reach out to our knowledgeable sales staff, available 7 days a week to answer all your product inquiries and assist with order placements.

Why Should You Install Cab Lights on Your Truck? 

Cab lights are a stylish addition to any pickup; however, they aren’t just for looks! Cab lights are typically installed on oversized vehicles like semi-trucks and heavy-duty pickups to alert oncoming traffic that a large vehicle is approaching. This signals to oncoming drivers that they should slow down and proceed cautiously, so as not to crowd the oncoming truck. Cab lights are particularly useful on dimly-lit roads without center dividers.  

Truck Cab Light Color Variations

Cab lights are offered in various illumination and lens colors depending on your preference. Whether you prefer the traditional appearance of amber cab lights or the sleek monotone appearance of white cab lights, RealTruck has you covered! 

Lenses typically come in three distinct colors: amber, clear, and smoked. Clear and smoked lenses are often fitted with clear bulbs, producing a crisp white glow; however, they’ll also illuminate orange with the addition of an amber bulb. 

While the efficacy of different illumination colors is debatable, studies have shown that amber illumination tends to cut through dense fog and rain more effectively. So if you habitually haul oversized loads, amber lenses/bulbs may be your best option! 

Truck Cab Lights Vs. Truck Light Bars

It’s common to confuse cab lights with roof-mounted light bars; however, they’re entirely different products with alternative uses! 

Light bars provide you, the driver, with better visibility of the road or trail. On the other hand, cab lights provide other drivers on the road with better visibility of your truck. Light bars are ideal for low-light wheeling trips or drives down a dimly-lit backroad, while cab lights help while towing or hauling oversized, heavy loads.